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I very much enjoy providing training and consultation to individual therapists, private practices, healing professionals, clinics, any person or group hoping to increase the ability to treat and/or operate from an anti-diet, body liberation approach.

If you are interested in doing less harm in a thin-obsessed world, please reach out. 

Thin idealism, fat phobia, size bias and weight stigma are incredibly corrosive and insidious in our society, leading to eating disorders, body hatred, food addiction, exercise compulsion, body obsession, and most importantly, the unfair treatment of humans based on body shape. 

Size bias IS a social justice issue. 

Often when corporations, associations and organizations make efforts to improve their diversity and inclusion, diet culture and sizeism are overlooked. This tolerance of oppression and exclusion erodes the integrity of an organization.

In my workshops, we discuss the epidemiology, anthropology, economics, sociology and history of body shape-related stigma. Participants are encouraged to investigate their own internalized fat phobia, and are supported within that sometimes difficult exploration.

Interactively, we discuss how the marginalization of big bodies, the medicalization of obesity, the illusion of good bodies/bad bodies, and the diet industry harm us all, plus how these intersect with and are rooted in other forms of oppression like misogyny and white supremacy.

Participants are exposed to the Health At Every Size (as defined by ASDAH), fat acceptance, and body liberation movements, and given clear instructions on how to heal oneself from perhaps life long struggles with food and body hatred. By the end, I outline how individually and collectively we can eradicate thin idealism and sizeism, such that people of size can feel safe and free in an organization and in the world.

Corporate trainings are currently offered in person or virtual.

I offer full day, half-day trainings, or shorter trainings/workshops. Though I am very serious about the abolishing fat phobia, my trainings are interactive, sometimes fun, & engaging. 

Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak to your next gathering.

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