Thin idealism, fat phobia, size bias and weight stigma are incredibly powerful and insidious in our society, leading to eating disorders, body hatred, food addiction, exercise compulsion, body obsession, self loathing and countless other issues. 


In this workshop, we'll discuss the epidemiology, anthropology, economics, sociology and history of weight-related stigma. Participants will be encouraged to investigate their own internalized fat phobia and how it affects them and the people they love. We'll be discussing how the marginalization of big bodies, the medicalization of obesity, the illusion of good bodies/bad bodies, and the diet industry harm everyone, of all sizes, plus how these intersect with other forms of oppression like misogyny and racism. Participants will be exposed to the Health At Every Size, fat acceptance, and body liberation movements, and given clear instructions on how to heal oneself from perhaps life long struggles with food and body hatred.

Check back for workshop schedule as the world opens up!

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