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"Working with Paula is transformative and grounding. And fun! I literally laugh and cry during every session (in the best way possible). I have Paula to thank for helping me heal in a deep way from a raging eating disorder. After 40 years, I have finally freed myself from the toxic messaging I was fed as a child. Paula is affirming, wise, and patient. This combination helped me grow and thrive. I'm so glad I crossed paths with this wonderful therapist." - E.G.

"I am an absolute evangelist for Paula and her therapy style! As a cisgendered gay man who started seeing her 8 years ago during my divorce, I absolutely appreciate her non-judgmental approach. Drug use, non-monogamy, and "having emotions about emotions" are never seen as activities that should be shamed and avoided, but instead as a natural part of the human experience that some people gravitate towards. Paula has equipped me with a tool set over the years that has enabled me to identify and process my emotions and determine the best course of action for me. I have referred several folks to her over the years, and cannot recommend her highly enough!"  - V.M.

"Paula is a naturally gifted therapist who has transformed my life. I initially sought her out because she has first-hand experience and is an expert in the niche world of disordered eating. Paula didn’t approach me as a sick patient, she empowered me. I couldn’t have imagined the difference she’d make in my life and so I continue to work with her for guidance outside of disordered eating issues. She is fearless in confronting whatever comes up. Not only a deeply relatable and genuinely caring human, she has helped me learn to critically analyze the origin of behaviors/thoughts stemming from the societal pressure, inequality and consumerism we’re all exploited by daily. I’m forever grateful to Paula for helping me navigate my journey of self-discovery and helping me heal my soul!" - E.Y.

"I was referred to Paula by a mutual mental health practitioner who suggested that I needed a “cooler therapist” because I was “cool”. This cool flattery worked on me, and I started seeing Paula straight away. And, to my delight, she was cool—non-judgmental, wise, funny, socially aware, and sharp as a tack. I was a self-doubting, stressed-out, anxious, and depressed thirtysomething at a personal and professional crossroads, and Paula provided a safe space to explore my emotions, preconceived notions, and all the other junk (and treasures) in my head (and body). I’m a bit in awe of Paula’s broad skill set in the therapy and healing arts, which allows me to tap into more information about myself to work through my issues. This is especially helpful for me because some sessions I’m not able to articulate what’s on my mind, so we may take an IFS or reiki-like approach to coax it out of me. Paula has helped me navigate all the thoughts and feelings that come with a career transition, twin pregnancy, early motherhood, patriarchy, a pandemic, the death of a parent, and, well, life. And, through it all, I have felt like Paula is a few steps ahead of me providing a helping hand. Highly recommend." - K.V.

"Paula is the most gifted therapist I have worked with.  She has taught me how to separate out the noise of the world to be able to hear my own voice and sense my own experience.  In a culture that is constantly telling me how I am not enough, she has given me tools to differentiate what is mine and what insecurities and negative emotions that I am carrying for others and can simply be released.  I never expected to see the personal growth that I have been able to achieve by working with her.  I can now trust myself to make the most loving life decisions for myself as well as my friends and family." - J.S.

"Working with Paula has changed my life.  She has held safe space for me, validated my feelings about my experiences, given me tools to process my trauma, and helped me along the path to becoming a more aware, compassionate person.  On both my good days and bad days, Paula guides me to new realizations and healing - and I unreservedly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their experience here on this planet."  - L.G.

"After trying many different therapists I am so grateful to have found Paula. We have been working together for years now, and the sessions are still worth it! She helps to validate my experience in a very invalidating world. I highly recommend Paula especially if you are a creative type!" - E.T.



"Life has been a roller coaster ride for me these  past  two years. Having Paula as a therapist metaphorically holding my hand,  through the  ups, the scary fast  downs, and the surprising turns .. has saved  me from flying off into terror.

 As a binge eater, body shamer,  I thought, if I  could  just lose some weight my life would improve . Or , perhaps it’s possible to  take away my  grief as a widow ,  or can you  soften the shock of a cancer  diagnosis ? ?? 

Paula  consistently held a safe space for  me to explore all of these   emotions . Her extensive wisdom  in these areas is only surpassed by her compassion and grace."  - J.G.

"I started seeing Paula in 2018 soon after getting sober and she has been a vital member of my community ever since. She is a groovy, smart, compassionate, empowering, colorful soul who has helped awaken me to my true, glowing self." - M.R.

"Paula is a cornerstone of my self-care commitment. Through our work together, I have grown immensely as a human being. She is so skilled in how she challenges, nudges, supports, reflects, and reframes - sometimes all at once. Paula brings joyful energy and a compassionate heart to our work. Don't miss your chance to work with her!" - J.G.

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