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Hi Friends! Have you ever wondered about the roots, effectiveness, strengths and perhaps pitfalls of psychotherapy? Do you have questions about why and how it’s become late stage capitalism’s stand-in answer for all that ails us? Have you had a harmful or painful experience in a therapeutic setting? Are you curious about how psychotherapy has systematically upheld misogyny, white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, anti-fat bias, hetero-normativity, victim-blaming, hustle and competition culture (all of which are the causes of the majority of all suffering)? 

Have you ever wondered if therapists believe in and practice the sh*t they preach?

Us, too!! 

Lisa Kays, my esteemed colleague, and I are two psychotherapists who have been in the field for a long time, and we started this podcast to invite you into our ongoing conversations that explore the mental health field, psychotherapy, freedom and TRUE sanity. 


You can listen to all episodes now on Apple Podcasts:




And if you like to look at our faces, YouTube (with fun graphics!):


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