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My training is in mental health and social justice.

 While exploring the struggles of the individual and/or relationship, I will always point to the countless systems that eclipse our ability to thrive, connect, live in community and sanity.



Engaging in individual therapy is such huge step in healing a relationship with oneself, one's internal experience of existence, and truly nothing is more important.

With an eclectic bunch of tools in my toolbox, I support my clients in the development of self-compassion, infinite permission, and in releasing the unnecessary.

I am an Internal Family Systems-trained therapist. I am also a trained psychic healer and a Reiki practitioner.

My style integrates principles and practices of spiritual psychotherapy, holistic healing, DBT, relational therapy, and interpersonal work.

The feedback I receive from clients is that my style is comfortable, warm, compassionate, and authentic. 


I am a Body Liberation and Body Justice focused practitioner. My approach for treating disordered eating and body hatred includes the truth about our society's classist, racist, lucrative oppression of large bodies. I am radically inclusive and ragingly anti-white supremacy and anti-thin supremacy.

I do not encourage intentional weight loss. In fact, I do not focus on a client's weight or body shape in any way. I trust in the wisdom of my clients' bodies, even when they do not.


My intention with each client is to aid them in finding peace, freedom, and sanity around food, eating and body shape. 


enjoy very much working with partners who have either hit a rough patch or need to work through an ancient pattern that has come to a head.

I've had training in IMAGO therapy and spiritual communication which can be helpful for partners that have been together for decades or just a short time.

In my experience, IFS is the most radical and powerful tool for this work. I've seen miracles occur when partners tap into their highest vibration together.


My first love is energy work, philosophy, spiritual and psychic healing. I have completed 3+ years of training at Boulder Psychic Institute and continue to recognize that if it's not a spiritual solution, it is probably not a real solution.

If clients are comfortable with it, I will include in our work together concepts and teachings from my many years of studying Yoga, Eastern philosophy, the Divine Feminine, and spirituality in all its expressions.


I'm eager to connect with any clients looking for some spiritual guidance or psychic healing.


My eclectic style has been effective when working with clients, individually or in groups, who struggle with anxiety and depression.


I can assign homework, be very cognitive and clinical in my approach. Or we can swing into more of a relational style, working in the more subtle and emotional realms.


If clients are open to it, I am also happy to tap into vibrational healings and practices to keep anxiety and depression at bay.


I practice trauma-informed psychotherapy methods to instill self-understanding among clients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards their past and their many parts.


Again, I find Internal Family Systems approaches to be extremely powerful.

It is possible to release the pain of the past, the moments when we could not cope with the circumstances. Freedom is not just possible, it is our birthright.


I do not participate with insurance companies.

As a licensed psychotherapist my professional services do qualify for patient reimbursement, and are often covered in full or in part by your health insurance provider.

As an “out-of-network” provider I collect fees (via debit or credit card) directly from you. I provide a monthly superbill by email which is all you need to submit for potential reimbursement.

  Rates & Appointments

I set aside limited sessions with reduced rates for qualifying patients. Please email to discuss.

$225  Individual sessions (50 minutes)

$295  Couples/Family sessions (90 minutes)

$125  Group sessions (75 minutes)

$350/hr on-site or in-home sessions (plus travel)

As is normal for the therapeutic endeavor, many of my clients have a spot at the same time each week. Many also come every-other-week.

Please email to schedule an available time.

Please remember that I charge for missed appointments unless cancelled more than forty-eight hours before, allowing for discretion in the event of emergencies.

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