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What is BODY LIBERATION in life and as a therapeutic goal?


Body Liberation, first, seeks to honestly recognize the harmful systemic structures that erroneously designate certain bodies as more healthy, attractive, and valuable based on their shape. 


With this recognition, we seek to free ourselves from the internalized structures, thereby giving ourselves permission to live a life of our choosing; the liberty to thrive knowing our body shape is not relevant to our worth, value, and/or “health”.


These groups provide an opportunity to discuss and support one another within these complicated and varied issues, with an emphasis on Body Justice and Fat Liberation, to illuminate the truth and move past societal/cultural messaging in an effort to liberate each individual participant.


These groups provide:


  • A safe space to explore societal impacts on group members’ relationship with their bodies, self image and health.

  • A safe space to share individual and collective experience of living in this society; including workplace, dating, family of origin, social media, health systems, etc.

  • A safe space to authentically connect with others around experiences, thoughts, and feelings of living in a thin obsessed, fat phobic culture.

  • Resources and information to learn more about the concepts of Body Justice, Fat Liberation, Health At Every Size (as defined by ASDAH), etc.    


  • Group 1: sessions take place each Tuesday from 6p - 7:15p EST/3p - 4:15p PST; this group is now open to new members of all identities who currently live in large and/or marginalized bodies, are victims of harmful weight bias, and/or identify as fat.

  • Group 2: sessions take place on the first and third Thursdays of each month, from 6p - 7:15p EST/3p - 4:15p PST; this group is now open to members of all body shapes and identities.

Sessions are virtual (on Zoom) for now to protect the health of all participants; meeting in person at some point in the future will be discussed.

Cost is $125 per session. Participants will be charged after each group.  Members of groups 1 & 2 will receive receipts to submit to insurance companies for reimbursement.

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