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Feeling stuck? Bored? Unfulfilled?

Join us as we explore THE ARTIST’S WAY, the brilliant book & course written by creativity superhero, Julia Cameron. 

For decades, Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way' has been an effective guide for millions worldwide hoping to rediscover creativity, joy, and inspiration in their lives. 

Paula D. Atkinson, LICSW, has facilitated AW groups for over 18 years and cannot wait to watch you fall in love with your life. 

Absolutely ZERO creative talent required. This course is not about having specific talents or skills. 

The group meets monthly for 13 months, on each 2nd Saturday, starting January 8th, 2022, 

10:30a - 12:45p on Zoom. 


Price is $1350 for the full course or $115 per session. 

Please contact me if you need financial help.


Space limited, please reserve your spot. 

To sign up, fill out the information on the 'Contact Me!' page of this site or email

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