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I officiated my first wedding, for a couple of my yoga students, in 2004. Since then I have loved providing sacred, sincere, fun and personal wedding and ceremony services for friends, students, family members and a few strangers who soon became friends.

I want you to have an unforgettable ceremony that resonates with you and your vibration, 100%. Over the years I have become skilled at asking the right questions of couples in order to provide the least amount of stress and the most amount of joy, fullness, and heart.

Being a student of spirituality in all its expressions, I can include the perfect amount of sacredness, convention, and/or woo-woo for all tastes and inclinations. I've provided services for couples seeking both very traditional and out-of-the-box ceremonies.

 I am licensed to officiate in Washington DC, New York, and California.

Rates vary based on travel, etc. Please contact me to learn more!

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