AHARA means nourishment is Sanskrit.
This is a yoga DVD with two hour-long sessions with something for everyone.
A beginner class moves fluidly through seated stretching, meditative sun salutes, standing poses and rest;
all with modifications and ideas for those new to yoga.
And then the more advanced Vinyasa session moves more rapidly and incorporates balancing postures,
abdominal exercises and more heat-building asanas.
The theme of the entire DVD is NOURISHMENT.
Paula D. Atkinson is a talented instructor from Northern California, currently living in Washington DC. She
has been a full-time instructor for over 7 years, teaching up to 20 classes per week and certified at the
highest level possible in the U.S.
Ch-ch-check it out...

My new yoga instruction dvd,
is now available.
It has 2 separate 1 hour-long sessions on it, a beginner class
and a more rapid Vinyasa class.

You can buy it on ebay, click here
or just reach me at
paula_pooh@hotmail.com,  call 202-667-5547